Windows Phone 7 Update Causes Problems for Samsung Users

Yesterday, Microsoft started rolling out a small update to WP7 users around the globe. The small update was designed to update the update process, if that makes sense. In doing this, it would make the process easier for future updates, such as the copy & paste update expected next month.

However, there’s been a few problems for those running Samsung Omnia 7 devices with 5 or so reports coming in that indicate the said smartphones have been “bricked”. What that means is that the update has gone wrong and the phone is now useless.

Depending on where the update fails, depends on what the outcome is. It appears that those getting to step 6 of 10 and failing at that point are worse off when compared to those who make it to step 7. Likewise, those who only get to step 5 at the most, have still been able to use their device.

It isn’t clear if it’s just the Samsung Omnia 7 that has these problems and it also isn’t known how widespread the problem is.

For now, the main suggestion from Microsoft say you need to pull the battery out, but also tell you not to try the update again for another few days. If this method doesn’t work then they also suggest a hard reset.

So, for those that appear to have completely bricked phones, test the hard reset method if possible. If no luck, it could be worth taking it back to the store for a replacement.

Via: NeoWin and Winrumors

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