Windows Phone 7 Smartphones Could Arrive in US on November 8

In less than two weeks time, Microsoft [MSFT] will be officially announcing the launch of the Windows Phone 7 platform. Shortly after, it is expected that manufacturers will start shipping handsets.

The launch in the UK is expected to be on or around October 21. We now hear that for those on the AT&T network in the US, they can expect to start picking up the new OS on smartphones on November 8.

The reason that only AT&T has been mentioned is that in the past, we heard that they have exclusivity on the handsets till early next year.

On November 8, those on the AT&T network can expect to see handsets from LG, HTC and Samsung made available to purchase.

Will you be getting a Windows Phone 7? In terms of how good it is, we have heard that its a big step up and a complete change to the previously bad Windows Mobile 6.5. We think that MS do have a chance at pulling back with this one.

Via: WSJ and Engadget

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