Windows Phone 7 Series Marketplace

Lots of information was shared about Windows Phone 7 Series yesterday, in particular the new interface that uses a new active tile system to display information on finger-friendly sized tiles that are set at 1 – 2 on each row.

What we didn’t see yesterday was anything about the Marketplace for Windows Phone 7 Series. What we do believe is that older applications not designed for the latest Windows Phone will not work, thus meaning new applications will need to be created. The screen shots above and below show the new marketplace and how it will look.

The interface for Marketplace follows along with the same theme that the rest of the new operating system uses in that the UI is wider than the actual screen which can be scrolled to the side to get to the information you want.

The first Marketplace screen on Windows Phone 7 Series looks to feature a single application and when scrolling right, you can break that down in to games, apps, music and podcasts.

Although we only saw the built-in applications running yesterday, it will be interesting to see what other applications such as games will run like in Windows Phone 7 Series. What we do know is that Microsoft [MSFT] have set minimum requirements on what specification will run Windows Phone 7 Series. As the minimum spec is quite high, such as a high-res screen, we should be seeing some amazing applications run in crystal clear quality. The new OS should be a big step-up from previous versions which were all based on a dated OS.

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