Windows Phone 7 Series Leaked Pics

Although the latest OS from Microsoft [MSFT] has yet to be unveiled (will be official later today), some sneaky people have managed to capture images of the new OS when some changes were being made to a display. The display changers didn’t seem to think to check around them when they lifted the covers and someone managed to capture some photos of the OS underneath.

What is seen is some XBox Live integration on the home page along with larger icons for items such as messages, missed calls etc… Also a new “Me” section seems to be on the screen too.

From what we see on the images it looks fantastic, although hopefully it’s not just a new skin for the current WM 6.5. We are expecting a lot more from Microsoft this time around as they seem to be caught behind on reskinning old mobile operating systems making it difficult for users to drop the unwanted stylus.

A larger picture of the leak is shown below. We expect the full unveiling later today, so keep your eyes open and we’ll have the official information soon.

More pictures over on a Facebook page can be found here.

Via: Engadget

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