Windows Phone 7 Series Dial-Pad Spotted

Microsoft [MSFT] didn’t get to show off all of Windows Phone 7 Series for obvious reasons in that there’s only so much time allotted to present things and it could get a bit tedious showing every single variation of screen that might be used on a 7 Series smartphone. Also the operating system is in very early stages of development which could be the reason this dial pad looks so simple.

The dial-pad pictured shows the usual 12 buttons along with alpha characters above each number and a space above that to show what number is being dialled. It does look simple and might not be the final product although with Windows Phone 7’s being based around simple it might actually be the real deal.

In saying that there is a bit of work that looks like it needs doing to finish the screen shot off, so I am sure closer to the time we’ll find out more about how the inner workings will function such as setting screens, network setups and what not.

Via: PocketNow and XDA

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