Windows Phone 7 Series Development Docs Leaked

XDA developers is a good place to visit to find gems of information along with ROMS and what not. In this case, a user on the forums managed to get hold of the development documents that show what is required when developing applications for the new Microsoft mobile operating system.

What the document also confirms is that the phone will be capable of multi-tasking, or I should say re-confirms as this was already known.

Developers seem to be quite restricted in the OS and will need to use managed code that will be closely audited. Tools to develop on the system will be Visual Studio along with Expression Blend.

WMPoweruser point out that Silverlight and XNA is also available in that Silverlite is not available in the browser just yet. XNA gets a little more interesting with that being the language used for the ZuneHD and the X-Box Live games which could mean some compatibility between the three devices is present.

Developers are a little frustrated with the restrictions placed on the development tools. Hopefully some decent agreement can be made to inspire developers to create applications rather than scare them away to another operating system. This is potentially something that could make or break Windows Phone 7 Series.

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