Windows Phone 7 Series Apple iPhone Theme in the Works

The Windows Phone 7 Series theme for the Apple iPhone [AAPL] is something you don’t expect to see every day. However, this has been done. A user called woocash-kun found over here has created a theme that runs on his iPhone.

The downside is that the theme hasn’t been release yet along with instructions on how to install it. If he does release it you’ll need to jailbreak your phone to install it.

What you will get in the theme is the home page for Windows Phone 7 Series that you can easily scroll down. Along with that a second page with smaller icons is also included. Right now some of it doesn’t work such as the status bar although there is a very good lock screen clone for those of you who prefer the WM7S version.

A video of it in action can be found below along with another picture showing the second set of screens.


  1. Akshay Vohra says

    whoa ! man its an amazing phone. My bro has been using it since a year and it truly rocks according to him.
    So i do want to experience the thrill.

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