Windows Phone 7 Sales Figures Announced

Microsoft [MSFT] has finally announced the Windows Phone 7 sales figures although they are not the exact numbers we are looking for. Instead of providing the number of units sold to end users, Microsoft has provided the number of sales to carriers and retailers.

The Windows Phone 7 sales numbers show 1.5 million devices being sold globally. This might sound like quite a lot, but one thing you have to remember here is that 60 carriers in 30 countries are now selling the device which dramatically reduces the amount per country and network.

But, what Microsoft does say about is that it is “in line” with expectations.

The full details of what Microsoft announced can be found over here. On that page you’ll also find some questions and answers on how Microsoft is doing and what they hope to achieve with the new platform.

Via: Engadget


  1. At last MS has given some figures, but in true MS fashion they tell us nothing. How many of these units sold to carriers are still sitting on the shelf? Does this include the 90000 earmarked for MS employees?
    Best case scenario for MS is that this is getting on for only 36000/day even with “Buy One, Get One Free” offers and heavy discounting by some carriers. This is a fraction of iPhone and Android sales (to end users).

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