Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Ramping Up Rapidly

Although sales are rumoured to be quite low for the new Windows Phone 7 platform and range of smartphones, the Marketplace seems to be doing quite well in terms of how many apps are available now to purchase.

Graphs indicate that the Windows Phone 7 market place is actually doing quite well in that it’s growing faster than Android’s Market and closely mirrors how the iPhone App Store did in the beginning (as indicated by the red line above).

“The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace reaching 4,000 apps two months after launch has to be one of the most rapid ramp-ups in recent times, reaching this milestone faster than Android, which took from Oct 2008 to March 2009 to reach about the same level,” Al Hilwa, an analyst with research firm IDC, wrote in a Dec. 19 research note.

Although the number of apps in a market/app store is not a perfect indication of how a platform is doing, it still a good sign for those wanting to start using WP7 as an alternative to Android or iOS based devices.

It will be interesting to see where the graphs are in 6 months time.

Via: WMPowerUser


  1. Some say that this particular phone is not user friendly. Who is saying the truth?

    • There’s no specific answer for that. Older versions of the OS were not user friendly, but WP7 has made a big jump. You might be best making a visit to a store and testing one out.

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