Windows Phone 7 Major Update Could be Late 2011

Although we should see a couple of Windows Phone 7 updates arrive over the next 2 months, one of which will bring the much anticipated copy & paste functions to the device, we also hear that a major update is being built although the release date of that update is expected to be sometime in August or September of 2011.

This major update due towards the end of next year is believed to be codenamed Mango and will precede the Windows Phone 8 update slated for a late 2012 launch. We could perhaps look at Windows Phone 7 as being Windows Phone 7.5.

New features to be added to the 7.5 version could include Silverlight runtime support and HTML5 support to the smartphone OS.

ZDNet also thinks that enterprise support could be a possibility with the current version of the OS only supporting some ActiveSync and Exchange functionality.

None of this is confirmed by Microsoft [MSFT] yet and is just opinion from around the web.

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