Windows Phone 7 Low-Cost Version to Launch

Microsoft [MSFT] are said to be launching a different variation of Windows Phone 7 for developing markets such as India. The lighter version will run on different spec handsets to the usual chassis 1 we have heard about in that it will support smaller screens and perhaps even slightly lower specs although details are a little vague at the moment.

Right now only chassis 1 specs have been revealed and it was expected that chassis 1 covers the 3 buttons on the front of the device along with a specific camera resolution, processor speed and screen resolution. It is unclear if the light version of Windows Phone 7 will be chassis 2 or a new/custom category.

We will update you with more details as they arrive although we don’t expect to hear too much on this any time soon as it is rumoured to be happening next year rather than this year when Windows Phone 7 launches.

Via: Economictimes

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