Windows Phone 7 Launch Date – October 11

Windows Phone 7 will launch on October 11. Previously we heard that an event in London would be held. We also now hear that an event is being held in New York and that T-Mobile in NYC will be the star of the show, so to speak.

This information uncovers some interesting information such as T-Mobile introducing devices. Until now it was believed that AT&T would be the exclusive launch partner, but this seems to confirm that T-Mobile will be available too on or soon after launch.

Also it was believed that just a London event was being held, but now we see that the US will also see the handsets on the same day. Perhaps other countries will also roll out that day.

What isn’t clear yet is when the actual handsets will launch. We have heard that in the UK, the release of smartphones will be about 10 days after the event. We are sure all these finer details will be revealed at the Microsoft [MSFT] events on October 11.

Via: Engadget

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