Windows Phone 7, iPhone 4 and Nexus One Browser Speeds Compared

Pocket Now managed to get hold of an LG Panther Windows Phone 7 smartphone. The new smartphone is obviously pre-release as WP7 hasn’t launched yet. This means the hardware might not be final and the OS is certainly not final.

Just to see how Windows Phone 7 is shaping up it’s self though, Pocket Now decided to run some tests of browser speeds between the Windows Phone 7, Apple iPhone 4 and Google Nexus One to see which was the best of them all.

Each was running the latest OS available at the time.

In terms of speed, it appears that all three devices are about the same in terms of performance with some loading quicker than others and vice versa on various page loads. A couple of things we noticed was that the Android (Nexus One) was a little choppy when scrolling and zooming in. The iPhone 4 also occasionally had the chequer board background when scrolling down the page fast which is quite common for that smartphone.

Via: Pocket Now

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