Windows Phone 7 Drops the Series from it’s Name

According to a tweet from the official Microsoft [MSFT] twitter stream, we can now drop the Series from Windows Phone 7 Series by just calling it Windows Phone 7.

The original name was a bit of a mouthful and thankfully they have dropped the Series. However, it appears that nothing else has changed at all in that it’s just a slight name change and doesn’t indicate any changes to the mobile OS are coming in the future. Basically it was just a bad choice of names and it seems MS listened to the criticisms and complied.

The operating is still on target from what we hear to launch later on this year with a few manufacturers of phones showing interest and already creating hardware for the OS.

Just an FYI, the full tweet says…

Tis the season for Series finales. We’ve got one too – dropping the ňúSeries’ and keeping the ‘Windows Phone 7.’ Done.

Other than that it’s business as usual. You can follow the Windows Phone twitter stream here.

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