Windows Phone 7 Copy and Paste Captured on Video

Copy and Paste for Windows Phone 7 is believed to be just around the corner, perhaps sometime in January when WP7 devices get an update.

Someone has posted a video of a Samsung Windows Phone 7 device running copy and paste functions. The system works by tapping on the screen. A word is then highlighted (you can copy more by moving the sliders around). You then tap an icon to copy and when in a location on the phone where you can paste, you’ll see a small paste icon just above the virtual QWERTY keyboard. Tap it and your copied content is pasted in. Simple stuff really!

The build is a developers version that is currently being pushed out. It is numbered 7.07338.0.

Check out the video below to see it in action…

Via: WMPowerUser


  1. Aaron Verma says

    seems to work simply enough. it took a couple of taps & missed taps to get things working so hopefully its not as awkward as it looks. maybe zooming in more would help.

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