Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Rolling out to 50% of Users

Microsoft reports that Windows Phone 7.5 Mango is working well on smartphones that it has rolled out to. The company also announced on the Windows Team Blog that within hours they had seen successful updates on every network in every country on almost every up-datable WP7 device.

As Microsoft [MSFT] are happy with the progress of the Mango rollout they are now allowing 50% of users to get the update. For those wondering why not 100%, they still don’t have all the data they need to ensure that all will be OK, so are waiting a bit longer for more data to analyse.

…the update success rates we’re seeing look so good we’ve decided to open the spigot ahead of schedule, and make Windows Phone 7.5 available to 50 percent of eligible customers starting right now. (Why not 100 percent? Because we’re still collecting and analyzing installation data from our smaller operators, and need to watch it little bit longer to make sure everything is OK.)

The blog post goes on to mention that the 50% of users are picked at random. There are no preferences to carrier, model or country and Microsoft simply pushes the update out at random.

We don’t know when the rest of users will get the update by, but expect it to arrive shortly if you haven’t received a notification already.


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