Windows Mobile 7 Screen Shots

Windows-Mobile-settingsPocketNow managed to get some screenshots of the upcoming Windows Mobile 7. New screen shots show a new call screen, calendar, contact page, email, text messaging and settings.

It seems like the leaked shots of 6.5.1 might actually be absorbed in to Windows 7 or perhaps we are looking at 6.5.1 (it is a little unclear it seems at the moment). But whatever we are looking at looks that a fancy new finger-friendly version is on it’s way.

When looking at the comparisons below the images on the top are Windows Mobile 6.5 version with the ones below being 6.5.1 or V7.

As can be seen in the images, the new version appears to be a lot more friendly due to the larger buttons and icons rather than the traditional tiny check boxes that are awkward to use without a stylus. One thing to note is that there is an absence of a start button which could indicate a physical home or back key, or perhaps a similar setup to android also with the slide down status menus.


For more comparisons check out the post over on PocketNow.

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