Windows Mobile 7 Details Roundup

WMExperts have put together a roundup of all the Windows Mobile 7 rumours that have been found around the internet recently. Something to point out here is that none of the information has been made official by Microsoft, so note that we are still looking at rumours.

The first rumour says that Windows Mobile 7 will be called just “Seven” with a couple of versions being made available which includes Business Edition and Media Edition. Those names might not be the official names, but basically cover what they will be about. Each version is expected to be on a different release track.

Business Edition of Seven appears to be the version launching first and will run a stripped down version of the media version and be more “business” like. The business edition of Seven will also sync to the cloud allowing information to be more easily accessed from several devices such as other computers, phones and netbooks.

Syncing to the cloud will allow for documents to be edited online by several users who can collaborate together on a document. The possibility of capturing images from your phones camera and uploading to the collaborated document is also a possibility.

Rumours say that the HTC HD2 is ready to run this version of Seven with the possibility of an October/November upgrade date.

To check a large run down of rumours check out the WMExperts site that has all the details collected so far on the next version of Windows Mobile.


  1. Adrian Jenkins says

    All the current stylus-based Windows Mobile phones are now obsolete. What are the stores going to do with existing stock? These Windows Mobile 6.5 phones will become expensive paper weights.

    • I’m sure the existing stock will just be sold off like when any other advancement in technology happens. We probably will see a lack of new devices running WM 6.5 in the next few months, or new devices with the ability to upgrade to Seven when it launches.

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