Windows Mobile 6.5 Review

startmenu_01Gizmodo managed to get their hands on a new Windows Mobile 6.5 device for review this morning and although they were hoping to give it a raving review, they were let down by a mobile operating system that seems to be just patching over a few things on the previous 6.1 version.

First problems seemed to be with the start menu that according to Giz you cannot organise the way you want it easily. Instead, you need to tap on an icon and hit a menu telling it to jump to the top. You then need to go through each icon moving it to the top in the correct order to get the menu system looking how you want it. It’s only a small problem, but as it’s 2009 you’d kind of expect more.

Other features in the update seem to represent the old WM 6.1 such as the calendar menus being identical to the previous versions.

It seems a shame that such an anticipated update with news of over 30 new WM 6.5 phones by the end of the year seems now to be a bit of a let down. However, I’ll wait to have a test of a WM 6.5 phone before passing my own judgements.

Via: Giz

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