Windows Mobile 6.5 Coming Next Month

windows-mobile-6-5Microsoft are getting ready to launch their latest OS for mobile phones named Windows Mobile 6.5. The operating system will be launched on 11th May.

Windows Mobile 6.5 was first announced over at MWC2009 a few months back. Microsoft want this version to gain some traction and be more user friendly then previous versions. The new version has been given larger icons and is being made more user friendly and intends to drop the need of using a stylus.

‘The world of mobility has evolved. While keypads, stylus, and keyboards are all good and fine for device input, newer input methods have been popularized in recent years, such as accelerometers, touch screen gestures, capacitive touch screens, light sensors, and such. More than just gadgets and gimmicks, these next-generation input methods allow you, the mobile developer, to offer the best interface possible to your users on the road, enhancing their device experience. This session explores various input methods available on some of the latest Windows Mobile 6.1 and 6.5 devices and how to programmatically leverage them using managed APIs from Microsoft .NET Compact Framework-based applications. Topics covered include working with the Windows Mobile Unified Sensor API to access hardware sensors, controlling device cameras using the Windows Mobile SDK, capturing stylus and finger gestures on touch screens, detecting ambient light, making your device vibrate and sound-off, and more.

Via: ZDNet

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