Windows Mobile 6.1 Around the Corner

Rumours have been floating around about Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1. The pencilled in date is for May 2008. The main feature seems to be the layout and how the menu’s all work. The menu’s are believed to work similar to the Treo 500v which uses a carousel type menu where you can move left and right between menus and then up and down those menus to choose the action. According to MS this allows a thinking along the lines of “what do I want to do today?”. As well as a new layout (if rumours are true) then you will also see better WiFi, Exchange integration and Bluetooth.

I literally in the past couple of weeks picked up my first WM6 device and I do hope that this will come as a free upgrade. If not, I am still happy with my current version and no complaints there 😉

Via: gadgetvenue and WMExperts

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