Windows Marketplace for Mobile – Details Revealed

windows_marketplace_logoWhen Windows Mobile 6.5 was first mentioned a couple of weeks back it was made known that Microsoft would be creating an app store similar to Apple’s App Store for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The App Store was announced as being called Windows Marketplace for Mobile and we finally have some details on it.

Microsoft are planning to give developers a 70% cut on the price of the app sales and will allow the developers to set their own prices. An annual fee of $99 will also be needed to be allowed to submit applications to WMM. This initial price will allow you to submit 5 apps to the Marketplace and then after that it’s $99 per submission. If you are a student then you can enrol in the Microsoft DreamSpark program which allows free submission.

Microsoft plans for WMM to be more transparent in it’s approval process. Apple have often been criticised for not allowing apps through with no details on why this was the case. MS want to turn around this and make application’s approved quicker and with details on why apps are rejected allowing the developers to go back and make changes where needed. What this will do is allow the developer to concentrate on developing rather then spending the time navigating through an approval process.

WMM will open when Windows Mobile 6.5 is launched later this year. Developers will have the option to make apps compatible with Windows Mobile 6.1 if they desire.

Via: PCWorld

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