Windows 8 Task Manager Improvements Detailed

Windows 8 received quite a warm welcome when it was first announced. The new metro layout along with how it functions on the desktop and tablet was one of the many interesting new features about the operating. Today though, we’re taking a quick look at the task manager and although the task manager is a place that’s rather boring to visit for most users, Microsoft has made a number of improvements to make it more user friendly.

The image above shows a couple of task managers. The one on the left is what many of you will have on your Windows based PC now. The one on the right is the Windows 8 way of doing things. You’ll notice that things are quite a bit more friendly in that the new version simply shows what programs you are running and then allows you to easily close out any programs that cause problems.

The reason it has been made more simple is that research shows that most people navigate around the first 2 tabs and a common thing that users do is kill processes and apps… particularly those that cause the machine to go sluggish.

Although the task manager has been simplified, this is purely in looks from what we understand. Microsoft is making the most used functions available in a more friendly way but also tucks the power away so that it can be accessed if needed.

A heat map has also been added to the task manager and now shows visually which programs are eating up the most resources.

We quite like the look of the new task manager. Take a look at the video below to see a demonstration of it.


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