Windows 8 Tablet Video Reveals More of the UI

Windows 8 looks like it could do extremely well when it launches. When Microsoft [MSFT] first announced it recently, bloggers around the world were positive with what they saw.

Today we get to take another look at how the OS will work when running on a tablet.

The main focus of the video demonstrates how portrait mode can be used and how the apps can adapt to the aspect ratio of the screen which obviously differs from the landscape mode. What we also get to see is a little more of how multitasking can work as well as how to access the menu bar. If you want to open another running app you slide on the left of the screen and if it’s not the right app, you repeat the sliding motion to skip to the next app. The menu bar appears on the right side and is hidden when not used.

Overall, Windows 8 on the tablet looks like it could do very well. As you might be aware, the OS isn’t just limited to the tablet form factor though as Microsoft has created the OS to be versatile enough to work on a number of screen sizes with a number of input methods. Enjoy the quick demonstration video below:


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