Windows 8 Tablet from Nokia Coming Q4 This Year

Rumours are hinting that Nokia could be launching a Windows 8 based tablet in quarter 4 of this year. The new tablet is believed to have a 10 inch screen and run a dual-core Qualcomm ARM processor. The chip inside is expected to be the Snapdragon S4 Krait.

The tablet, not the one pictured above of course, is expected to be built by Compal who will be making around 200,000 of them for launch.

Nokia has commented in the past that it will be entering the tablet space although it also said that it would see what way it could differentiate from the rest of the pack. Also, in a statement to SlashGear, Nokia commented that… “We continue to eye the tablet space with interest, but we have not announced any specific plans.”

That statement could of course not be correct as any tablet manufacturer would say they are not working on something when they are. If Nokia is working on the tablet then it will likely be already in the design and perhaps quite far beyond that phase of the build. If this is the case, we expect to see a few more leaks over the coming months.

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