Windows 8 Hits 500K Downloads in First Night

Within the first night that the Windows 8 preview was launched, Microsoft saw 500,000 downloads of the operating system. In an interview, Steve Ballmer said that Microsoft still had a lot of work to do to get it ready for production.

Microsoft has also confirmed that Windows 8 will work on either Intel or Arm processors and not be limited to just one or the other. The core operating system is in place but to get it ready for launch, the company needs to spend a lot of time preparing the core services that will allow it to do what it needs to do.

Microsoft is focusing on Windows at the moment and have said that there’s many new services launching such as cloud as well as other devices but that the focus of the company will be Windows which will be used as they focus on all the various technologies.

Steve Ballmer also commented that developers need to get on board with Microsoft as they will ship 350 million Windows based PCs this year which will provide plenty of opportunities for developers.


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