Windows 8 Hints at Phone Integration

Last week, Microsoft announced Windows 8. Shortly after the announcement a preview version of Windows 8 was available for public download. An eagle eyed writer at istartedsomething has managed to spot a couple of interesting tiles on the Metro style interface. One of them is pictured below which is titled Missed calls and the other makes mention of “Call mobile”.

What you see on the Metro tile above is Missed calls along with details of who tried calling you. The other Call mobile message is seen on the profile page which is pictured below:

It isn’t clear at the moment exactly how these functions will work. Perhaps the tablet will need to be paired with a Windows Phone device to allow you to call from the tablet. Perhaps we are just looking at Skype integration here (likely). The second screenshot also has the Text and Chat icon which could mean SMS messages are routed out via a GSM connection although it could be just text messages sent from Windows Live messenger. All this isn’t clear, but it seems that Microsoft will be making calls and messages a key part of the Windows 8 operating system.

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