Windows 8 Graphics will be Hardware Accelerated

Microsoft is very keen on making Windows 8 run as smooth as possible where graphics are concerned (think the whole UI and everything you look at). The company doesn’t want any form of sluggishness. Four main goals were created so that the team behind Windows 8 could work on providing powerful graphics capabilities across the board.

1. Ensure that all Metro style experiences are rendered smoothly and quickly.
2. Provide a hardware-accelerated platform for all Metro style apps.
3. Add new capabilities to DirectX to enable stunning visual experiences.
4. Support the widest diversity of graphics hardware ever.

Microsoft has used a number of ways to make this possible such as providing a single API to work with graphics as well as new text rendering features. Frame rates will work at a steady 60fps which aligns up with the speed of computer screens. They aim to make touch elements stick to your finger.

A glitch count is also being worked on. A steady 60fps might be easy over a period of time, but momentarily that could drop to 10fps and not effect the overall average by much. Microsoft is working on removing all glitches so that the OS will run at 60fps constantly.

If Microsoft can achieve this sort of performance it will certainly help boost things. Glitch animations on devices and computers are slowly going away and it’s becoming more wanted to have a smooth running device.

A full set of graphs and details can be found over at the MSDN blog.

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