Windows 7 Review on Zath

windows-7-review-weekIf you are wondering if it’s time to upgrade from good old trusty Windows XP or not so trusty Windows Vista to Windows 7 then the Windows 7 Review series over at Zath is doing a pretty good job at describing the features that have changed and what’s new in the just released operating system.

The review series covers items such as the new task bar, Aero, security, performance, file/software compatibility, applications included and finally on to what version you should be choosing.

Windows 7 intends to be what Vista wasn’t… ie good. What is great about the new operating system is that it doesn’t require a brand new system to run on. In fact, many have said that installing it on their current X year old XP machine actually see’s an improvement in performance.

I recommend checking out the review if you are wanting to purchase a copy of Windows 7 as it pretty much covers all angles and gives a full run down of what you should be looking for and what to expect.


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