Windows 7 RC Shutdown Starts Today

Users of Windows 7 RC have been getting warnings for the past few weeks to upgrade their operating system due to the release candidate version expiring. The final date has now hit and if you are running Windows 7 RC then you are probably seeing your computer reboot every 2 hours leaving all open documents unsaved and perhaps being quite annoying at the same time.

If you feel you can live with the bi-hourly shut downs then go ahead and carry on using it although on June 1, the wallpaper will also be changed to say “this copy of Windows is not genuine”. At this point you will be unable to download updates as Windows Update doesn’t function with non genuine copies of the software.

It is recommended of course that you update asap to avoid the annoying warnings you are now getting and the loss of unsaved work. According to Microsoft [MSFT] you will need to wipe the computer clean and reinstalled a purchased copy of the software that comes supplied with a new licence key that will allow you to carry on working as normal.

Via: Windowsteamblog

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