Windows 3.1 Comes to the Browser

Windows 3.1 has been rebuilt to function in a browser. It was re-created by Michael Vincent as a personal site that actually functions just like Windows 3.1 did.

For those of you who don’t remember what Windows 3.1 is, it was the version of Windows used in the early to mid 90’s.

This particular version allows you to use the command prompt that shows it running MS-DOS 6.22, allows you to browse the internet, play Minesweeper, use Media Player (although media player does actually embed youtube videos rather than function how it did those many years ago).

Although I can’t say it will keep you interested for hours on end, it certainly is a good reminder of how computers used to run back in the 90’s before Windows 95 and 98 were launched. Don’t forget the Windows 3.11 for Work Groups though!

You can go ahead and test it out here. Via: Crunchgear

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