Wilting Flower Reminds of Wasting Power

wiltingflowerThis wilting flower concept is an idea that uses a plant to show you just how much electricity you are wasting. The idea behind this energy saving device is that you do not pay attention to how much electricity you use, but you do keep an eye on your plants. By using a plant it helps you to keep a keen eye on what is wasted in the home.

The Wilting Plant serves as a reminder for you. When you are using electricity the plant starts to die, it changes from blue to red, yellow, purple and then switches off. When it gets to that point you should have realised that you have every electrical device powered on in your home and maybe it’s about time to switch something off.

The Wilting Flower is just concept at the moment, and actually built as a prototype from what I understand. If the idea is accepted and does get created then it could sell for about $90.

Via: SlipperyBrick


  1. I’d have to set this in front of my computer to notice it because I’m lousy with plants too. I always kill mine from neglect.

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