Will the PS4 Have an Optical Drive?

ps4A question asked by the Playstation 4 speculation/rumours site got a number of people commenting earlier this week. The article mentioned that the PS4 might be able to drop the optical drive and work on a download and storage system only making going to the shops for games a thing of the past. What are your thoughts?

Main concerns listed were that of bandwidth available, internet cap’s put on by broadband providers preventing the download of mass data, the ability not to go to the shop to by a physical hard copy and store it neatly on the shelf at home. I do see good in both sides of the argument as the internet and broadband speeds are not freely available to the world, however, in 4 or so years time (a rumoured release date of the PS4 if it even will exist) who knows what download speeds and availability will be like around the world.

It’s a great idea and a way that the music industry and movie industry is trying to head… but as for games it just might not be feasible although no doubt this is the way we are heading with content and games… just maybe not in the next 3 – 4 years.

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