Wiimote – Google Earth

Wiimote Google Earth
Here is another cool script that will let your wiimote control google earth. As you are probably all aware by now, Google Earth is a nice app by google which allows you to zoom in to a virtual globe and look at satellite images stitched together to give an amazing view of most places on the planet in high resolution. The wiimote script allows you to use the wiimote to control google earth and by tilting and moving around you can zoom in and browse around your faviorite locations on the planet.

The script is available after the video.

Download the script here.

Via: TechEBlog


  1. Wii Player says

    This is a pretty stupid Wii hack seeing as you can just use your wii to go online and go to google maps and mess with it from there…..

  2. Matthew says

    This is relating to Google Earth though and not Google Maps. Although they are similar, the Earth version is represented as a globe and can pan more 3D like.

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