Wii Remote USB Charger

Wii Remote USB Charger
If you are worried about running out of batter power in your all important Wii Bowling match then you need not worry any more. The Wiimote USB charger allows you to dock your Wiimote in a USB cradle and charge it up when not in use. This will ensure that every time you want to play you will always have a fully charged controller.

Power for the cradle is gained from the USB port on the back of the Wii console meaning no additional power outlet is needed. You are not restricted to using the USB port on the Wii and can use any USB for a PC, laptop or any other device with a USB output. The battery in the Wiimote is Lithium-ion and does not have problems with memory effect like other types of batteries can.

Product Page Via: Coolest-Gadgets


  1. Hack a Wii Admin says

    This is a great product, no more hunting for batteries when they die. 🙂

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