Wii Injuries – Wiinjuries

Along with the launch of the Nintendo Wii and it’s very unique approach to the gaming world. It uses a unique controller called the Wiimote which has a number of sensors in there and changes the way the average games controller is used. If you are playing golf then you swing the remote like you would a golf club and hit the ball. Likewise, if you are playing tennis then you can do fast serves, volleys and all sorts of moves. Just play tennis like you would normally and the wiimote sends the motion detection to the Wii and puts that in to the game.

With the wiimote requiring a more hands on approach, in turn a number of incidents have been reported of people getting a little bit too agressive and accidently letting go of the wiimote. Engadget decided it was time to compile a list of Wiinjuries in to a nice list. Please bear in mind that if you use the strap and follow the rules then you shouldnt really hurt yourself 🙂

Via: Fosfor
Wiinjury List at Engadget


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