Wii Football Controller is Now Real

August 26 2009 was the day when we posted about the Nintendo Wii Football controller patent. We thought at the time that if it were to be created it would account for many cracked plasma screens with people accidentally throwing it towards the screen. I personally didn’t think it would actually happen… but CTA Digital have gone and made the Wii Football Controller a reality.

Perhaps a company needs to step up and make a HDTV protector that you can throw over your 42 inch screen to prevent it from getting cracked and smashed. Although it is made of soft foam, there is still a plastic Wii controller sat within that could cause damage.

Unfortunately no dates are known yet for launch although CTA do have it on their site with no price listed.

The soft football controller has both sides of the ball scooped out allowing you to get a firm grip which ever hand you use to throw the ball. The company also recommend you use the wrist strap to prevent accident throwing of the ball.

Included in the Wii Football Controller pack is the following…
(1) Soft foam, Football Wii Remote container with tightening wrist strap

The controller is compatible with the following games…
· Madden NFL 09 All-Play
· Madden NFL 10
· Backyard Football ˜09
· Backyard Football
· Family Fun Football
· Blitz: The League
· NCAA Football 09 All-Play
· And any other Wii Football games that require the Wii Remote

Via: UberGizmo and ChipChick


  1. josh Schwartz says

    This football is made by CTA Digital and not by Nintendo. I pruchased one and its really cool. The strap is really secured so no woories about throwing the ball into the TV.

  2. The strap is really secured so no woories about throwing the ball into the TV.

  3. trafegodigital says

    i like to have one

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