Wi-Gear Not Purchased by Apple

Rumours went around the web the other day (as they do every day), about the Bluetooth Headphone maker called Wi-Gear being purchased by Apple [AAPL].

Wi-Gear CEO, Mark Pundsack had just two words to say about the whole thing… “I wish!”.

There were two reasons that the rumours originally started. The first was that a notice was put up on the Wi-Gear website saying that the company was out of business. Also, a profile on LinkedIn showed a former Wi-Gear founder working for Apple as a bluetooth engineer at Apple. The “I wish!” response doesn’t rule out of course, that Apple is working on bluetooth technology, but it appears it is going about it on its own track rather than using the Wi-gear technology.

If you are interested, the IP for Wi-Gear is still up for sale.

Via: MacWorld

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