Wifi Finder from Linksys

The WUSBF54G is a USB network adapter and also includes a built in wi-fi finder. It is capable of finding Wireless G and Wireless B signals and allows full connectivity and 128 bit WEP or WPA encryption. The USB network adapter has a built in LCD screen which shows network name, channel, signal strength and the security of the network. What sets this device out from the crowd is that it works while not connected to your laptop. You switch it on and it immediately shows networks in the area and if they are able to be connected to. If you find one then you can switch on your laptop, plug it in and then surf away. If multiple networks are found then a list is displayed ordered by signal strength. As free public hotspots are becoming more freely available, this device can help find those hotspots far quicker and get you working quicker.

The device costs $79 and could be well worth the investment for the frequent traveler.

Via: Coolest-Gadgets

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