Why the Galaxy Nexus Doesn’t Support Google Wallet on Verizon

We have been informed that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on the Verizon network will not support Google Wallet. At first it was belived to be an issue with Verizon blocking it due to their own contactless payment system, but in a statement released today Verizon [VZ] has confirmed that this isn’t the case.

In a comment to CNET, Verizon said “Google Wallet, unlike other applications, needs to be integrated into a secure part of the phone that is proprietary to Verizon, the carrier said. As a result, Verizon and Google are still in commercial talks over the issue.”

So, at the moment the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will not utilise Google Wallet when it launches. This could of course change in the future. To sumarise what needs to happen, Google needs to utilise the secure element of the smartphone so that it can securely store card details and other sensitive information. As the Verizon Galaxy Nexus uses regular Ice Cream Sandwich, hopefully an update in the future will resolve the issue.


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