White Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Could land in Japan July 29

Sony has announced that a new white Sony PS3 slim is due to be launched in Japan on July 29. The new model will have the CECH-2500 marking on it and when available will cost around $400 (34,980 yen).

Last month some details of new chipsets (including the CECH-2500) were sent in to the FCC. This news from Sony confirms what was actually happening there to some extent. Other news shows that the PS3 in Japan will soon not be available in 120GB and 250GB capacities. Instead a couple of news models will be released with 160GB and 320GB capacities. Both models will be available in the regular black or the new “Classic White” as it is being referred to as.

The $400 price point we mentioned earlier is for the larger 320GB version. For those wanting the smaller 160GB White PS3 Slim, it will cost around $340.

All these prices and release date relate to a Japan launch though. Unfortunately no details of a US/European launch have been made available although we fully expect that it shouldn’t be too far away now.

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