White LG Cookie Coming to O2

lg-cookie-whiteLG are launching the LG Cookie, this time in white. The LG Cookie will be made exclusive to the O2 network in the UK.

The LG Cookie is a full touchscreen handset that is aimed at the lower end of the market in regards to pricing. It claims to be the most affordable full touchscreen handset available on the market. The phone is finished in white and around the rim a metallic blue colour can be found. The LG Cookie uses LG’s own interface which promises easy access to features such as the camera, GPS, music and games. Motion sensors can also be found in the handset which we assume is for games and for rotating the phone in to landscape mode automatically.

Touchscreens continue to be a key focus for LG this year and by offering consumers more choice we are continuing to bring affordable yet feature packed handsets to the masses. said Jeremy Newing, head of marketing, LG Mobile UK.

The new LG Cookie in White will cost just £99.99 off contract on a Pay & Go offer. The Cookie will be made available later on next month. Not bad at all for this type of phone!

More info to be found over on O2 shortly.


  1. The bottom line is that the KP500 is certainly no iPhone, but if a touchscreen is top of your feature list, it offers a relatively competent experience. There’s an on-screen Qwerty keypad, handwriting recognition and an automatically rotating screen — nothing revolutionary, but more than you get on most pay as you go phones. Click on the next page for more info and pictures.
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