White Lake Formula 1 Slot Car Track

This picture above shows an amazing slot car track built by James-Michael Gregory Harlan. The track needs 20 square feet of space to be built and is a 1/32 scale construction.

The track length is 145 feet and it has 19 turns and elevates to 2.5 feet high.

Looking at the pictures and the video below, you’ll see the amount of detail put in to this track. It took several years to built it and get it to where it is now.

The track is hand painted and built and has garages, viewing areas and pits for cars to pull in to.

Via: Geeky Gadgets and Auto Blog


  1. Check out other videos of this racetrack on YouTube. Search for “AC2Car WLF1Ring” or “WLF1Ring”. This guys insane!

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