White iPhone 4 Release Date – Spring 2011

Apple [AAPL] has shifted the release date of the white iPhone 4 again. This time it is being pushed even further away to the Spring of 2011.

A spokesperson from Apple said…

“We’re sorry to disappoint customers waiting for the white iPhone yet again, but we’ve decided to delay its release until this spring.”

Reasons for the delay haven’t been given but in guessing we believe it could be related to the problems reported previously of not getting the correct “white” colouring of the button and face plate.

AllThingsD point out that we could likely see the iPhone 5 before the white iPhone 4 lands with the track record of these delays.


  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. After waiting since the dissapointment in june to now be told spring! For such a reputable company such as Apple it simply is not good enough. I am actually considering an alernative smart phone!

  2. i did not find any substantial evidence for this, that apple is waiting to release the phone till spring.

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