WePad introduced from Neofonie

The WePad (perhaps a play on the iPad but in a plural form) is built by a German company called Neofonie. The WePad has an 11.6 inch display that has a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Inside the device is fairly standard hardware that includes an Intel Atom N450 processor that runs at 1.66GHz along with onboard GMA 3150 graphics. (ie, it’s a netbook without the keyboard).

The battery is good to power the device for about 6 hours (compared to 10 that the iPad gives). Notable features include a webcam, 2 USB ports and a flash card reader allowing for video calls to be made, accessories to be added (such as a keyboard or mouse, and storage expansion if needed. A modem is also included.

The WePad will run the Google Android operating system that allows for great customisations to be made as well as giving access to the growing Android Market. For storage it comes with a standard 16GB of flash memory that can be expanded to 32GB if required. The card reader also accepts a 32GB card bringing storage up to 64GB in total.

Although it doesn’t have the battery life of the Apple iPad, it certainly does have a number of features that lack on the iPad making it quite an attractive option. It also looks good too.

nDevil have a side by side comparison of the wePad vs iPad that shows a number of other features too such as the ability to use Adobe Flash and AIR.

We don’t have any launch dates or prices at the moment although I do hope to see this particular tablet device sooner rather than later. More pictures below…

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