webOS Security Flaws Found

Security flaws have been found in webOS by a company called SecTheory. Researches at the company managed to find a handful of these flaws.

The reason why these flaws exist is because of how webOS works with Javascript. The OS basically puts it closer to the core which is different than most other operating systems who keep it far away.

What these flaws potentially allow is botnets to be created as well as gives the hacker the ability to execute remote attacks.

The most dangerous of the vulnerabilities is an injection flaw they found on the WebOS version 1.4.X that allows remote command and control, including access to a phone’s files or injecting a remote JavaScript backdoor into the phone’s Contacts Application to build a botnet.

Sounds like serious stuff and something HP/Palm should hopefully patch up sooner rather than later.

Via: DarkReading

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