Next webOS Device Could get a 1GHz CPU

The next generation webOS device could include a 1GHz processor. This isn’t really interesting for those running the latest generation Android and other various smartphones as 1GHz has been around a while now.

However, those running a Palm Pre Plus and the likes, are currently stuck at 600Mhz which makes a 1GHz jump a nice step for those owners.

Not much is known about the next generation webOS based device. What we do know is that HP will of course make it, and it will run webOS 2.0 from what we understand. We have heard that it is code-named Palm Mansion.

Other information found in the FCC documentation shows that it’s a similar device to the Palm Pre although it is clocked at 1GHz rather than at a slower speed.

Everything else appears to be the same which includes the battery cover amongst other things.

We’ll keep an eye out as webOS 2.0 looks promising and mixing it with a faster CPU should bring about some good things.

Via: Pocket Now

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