webOS 2.0 Virtual Keyboard Activated

webOS 2.0 has references to a Virtual Keyboard within its code. With webOS 2.0 being available now, it now emerges that the virtual keyboard reference is more than just a reference. Instead, there’s a fully available virtual keyboard that can be “hacked” open on the Palm Pre 2.

To get it working requires that you make a change to the internals and specifically the line that says “VirtualKeyboardEnabled=true” needs to be modified to say just that. Once done, you get a keyboard on-screen.

The downside of this is that it’s still a tad on the buggy side. Problems include trying to activate it, closing it as well as it having problems with crashing out.

Check out the post over at PreCentral that goes through a few more details on what plans are next and where the keyboard could be going.

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