webOS 2.0 Gets Reviewed

HP announced the latest version of webOS yesterday. The new version is webOS 2.0 and it will come installed on the new Palm Pre 2 that was also announced.

The new webOS is now called HP webOS and will be landing first of all in France on the SFR network this coming Friday and will be followed by a launch on other networks over the coming months in other countries.

Engadget managed to get hold of webOS 2.0 to review it and see what its also about.

Interestingly, webOS 2.0 scored very well and rather than being called just a good OS, it was called a great OS in terms of looks and design and was compared to iOS 4.

However, in conclusion Engadget indicated that although this was a great OS, it will be installed on underpowered hardware. The said the Pre 2 is nice but not cutting edge.

Full review over here.

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