webOS 1.4.5 Launched – 3D Gaming Comes to Palm Pixi

Palm has released a new webOS updated. The new version is webOS 1.4.5 that brings 3D gaming support to the Palm Pixi.

The update has added support for 3D gaming by including the full PDK (plugin development kit) on the Pixi.

For those who own a Palm Pre, the update is also available for you although for Pre owners, it’s more of a minor update that doesn’t add much. The Pre is already capable of 3D gaming support so just a few smaller things will be added/secured etc… on the Pre.

The update comes OTA (over the air) and can be found by selecting the option on your device that checks for updates.

Let us know if you managed to grab the update today. If so, are there any performance increases? do you find the device works better than before? Hopefully that’s a yes to both questions.

Via: Zath


  1. July 12 and still no 1.4.5 coming through.

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